Friday, 2 October 2009

Future Challenges Postponed Indefinitely

Due to constant ill health I have decided it is best to postpone all challenges on this blog and my other blogs until further notice.

I had hoped rather optimistically that I would be able to overcome health issues and be able to be back in the thick of things running challenges and posting new techniques and ideas but my mind and body have other ideas!

One day when my health is in a better state I may be able to return to doing all of that but for the time being I am postponing all challenges etc until further notice.

I will continue to make artwork in my spare time and occasionally upload what Ive done to my flickr gallery and my main blog but that is all I can commit to at this present moment in time.

Apologies to everyone in advance for any dissapointment caused with this decision. I wish I had half the energy I had 4 years ago but sadly I havent anymore.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Fantastic YouTube Art Videos

I came across this video on youtube and I just HAD to share it with you, look at the amazing colours in the finished painting which have been generated by this very unusual art technique:

I love this video so much Ive added it to my playlist :)

See more videos here by this artist:

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lots Of Arty Links

At long last the weather is starting to pick up which is wonderful news for solar powered peeps like me ;)

Ive been trawling around blogland this week looking for some eyecandy to inspire me to start making art again and heres a couple of things which have tickled my fancy:

Gorgeous lil wooden collage chunkies-

Lots of mouthwatering journal pages:

Jen Lowe is sharing her love of Friendly Plastic on her blog through various tutorials and how to's:

Check out these gorgeous altered bottles using encaustic wax by the very talented Zeb Loray:

Colourfest gorgeous journal pages from Elizabeth Bunsen:

Complex Background Technique By Art In The Garage Blog:

The Land Of Lost Luggage Great Pen Review:

Lush Metal Atcs and other art by Bits and Pieces blog:

More Friendly Plastic how to's, check out those videos:

More links soon, have fun browsing :)


Monday, 2 February 2009

Back Soon

Apologies for not updating my blogs or websites. Ongoing health issues have prevented me from spending much time online. The weather is currently very cold in the North of England, so I am hibernating in my mouse hole for the winter.

I’ll be coming out to play as soon as the sun starts shining again and the spring flowers start to bloom…..

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Art Trader Issue 4 Available

The Autumn issue of Art Trader is now available to download for FREE :) The link to get your copy in pdf format is:

Congratulations to Kristy for making the front cover with her gorgeous journal page. I love this issue a lot! Theres lots of gorgeous eye candy and some techniques to peruse in this issue which is a bumper 57 pages long!

I love the feature on tree themed art - so perfect for this time of the year. Also check out the cool background technique using the ever humble wax crayon :) The article I'll get the most use from will be the drawing whimsy style for those of us who cant draw! Fantastic tutorial showing you how to draw in step by step pictures :) The article on Creating Darker Art is another favourite of mine too...I could go on and on as I love this magazine - but I wont because I want to save some surprises for you too :)

In all this is a brilliant magazine which in my opinion knocks the socks off all of the current UK craft and card making magazines which they have the cheek to charge you for! Sorry I dont see the point of paying over £3 to be talked down to and patronised with peel off and sticker projects!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

More Blog Goodies

Lisa's Altered Arts $1 Collage Sheet:
Check this page every Wednesday for a fantastic Digital Collage Sheet for only $1! The sheet changes every Wednesday so check back often. Im a huge fan of these wonderful image sheets and have tons of them!

My Crafty Life has a a couple of great video tutorials on using water to stamp with and distress inks to make backgrounds, go peek at them below:

Free Wizard of Oz Collage Sheets from Jack and Cat Curio Blog:

Do you know of any good ART Challenge blogs? I want to compile a list of links of all the challenge blogs and sites out there. So I am relying upon YOU peeps to send me the links so I can make ze lists! Email me or leave a message on my blog and I'll add the challenges to the list.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

More Art Candy To Inspire

As the weather starts to get colder here in the UK I find myself doing less and less art these days as I slowly slip into hibernation mode, it happens every year!

Dont worry though as Im still getting my daily art fix because I am taking advantage of these winter months by visiting all the lovely art blog posts and websites out there and collecting the links together to inspire me and learn some new techniques :)

And of course share those links with you too so that you too can be inspired!

Todays art blog land finds are listed below:

Write, Tape, Scrape & Stamp Background Technique:
I came across this cool background technique which is so brilliant looking, I love the whole messyness of these backgrounds and they are easy to do too! Go peek at the Write, Tape, Scrape & Stamp Background Technique on this link here:

A Couple Of You Tube Video's To Watch:

Tim Holtz demonstrates 4 great inky background techniques for distressing using the Ranger Distress Inks range on YouTube:

While your at it why not look at the other fantastic videos on Rangers YouTube Page below:

Ive been asked by several members and readers how I managed to use my Sizzix machine to use the Cuttlebug embossing folders, while searching on YouTube I came across this video which shows you how to do it:

Remember if YOU have any cool links to blogs, videos or techniques, freebies and eye candy leave me a message on this blog or send me an email and I'll go peek :)

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Two New Additions In Blog Land

Check out this fantastic tutorial using colourwash sprays to create a great 2 tone background using rubber stamps! I love the whole grungyness of it, check it out:

Also check out The Last Door Down The Hall blog for some gorgeous vintage collage wheel freebies, I just love the softness of these colourwheels and the way all the colours blend in together to seemlessly. Admittedly Ive never used one as I trust my own colour muse but they are handy to use if your colour challenged. While your there check out the other eye candy too as theres some gorgeous artwork - though I must admit Elizabeth must be on the crazy side for creating 120 Bandana technique pages for a swap!!!!!!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Lots of Eye Candy From Blogland!

Rather than send out lots of seperate emails I am sending out 1 blog post with the various gorgeous bits and pieces I have found while browsing through my subscriptions on google reader :)

If any of the links below dont work, remember to go to the Art Junkies blog to see the properly working linksies to the various blog eye candy featured here!

Fantastic Funky Dyed Kitchen Paper Tutorial:
This ROCKS! Check out the gorgeous colours in the backgrounds:

Fantastic free Halloween Collage Sheet from Gaby:

More Halloween Collage Freebies from Jack & Cat Curio Blog:

Free Halloween Postcards & Other Collage Sheets:

Page By Page Art Journalling Zine Preview:
Ever wondered what this zine looks like? You can now preview it for free here:

Sunday, 21 September 2008

How To Make Opals Embossing Paper

Check out Annettes blog for a fantastic video on how to make your own paper using opals embossing powders!

Free Projects

Go to the Fibre & Stitch website for some fantastic downloadable tutorials in pdf documents:

More Free Collage Images

Great Free Head Images

Click on the individual images to get the larger versions to use in your artwork.

Be sure to check out the fantastic eyecandy on Terri's blog too!

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Wax Paper Resist With A CuttleBug

Just what you didnt need :) Another excuse to buy a cuttlebug!

Mind you so far Ive resisted as Im using my Sizzix and a magnetic Sizzlet adapter with mine to emboss with! You can always use a pasta machine or even a rolling pin (thanks to a comment left on my blog!)

Visit this blog for instructions on how to make embossed wax resist backgrounds using the cuttlebug embossing folders:

If you are reading this message in an email and the above links dont work; visit the blog here:

Shameless Self Plug!

If you havent been along to my blog lately then you should come on down cos Ive posted a few bits and pieces you mightve missed out on...

For instance Ive been playing about with the Bandana Technique some more and have published a list of hints and tips on making this technique work for you:

I also wrote a project for using those work sheet protectors and making them into objects d'art:

Also check out my Fabric Paper experiments:

Im also doing a group Board Book Project on my aRtbUzz blog:

Come and join my stamping and art group to take part or just say hello:

Do you like to swap? I gotta a swap group too :

My main blog url is - warning may contain spoilers for swaps and gifts!:

More Free Collage Sheets

Gaby has just added 2 more cool freebie collage sheets for you to download - dont forget to say who sent ya ;)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Using Embossing Folders With Pasta Machine

I came across this cool idea for using cuttlebug embossing folders using a PASTA MAKING MACHINE! Perfect if you dont have the sponds to buy a cuttlebug gadget huh ;)

Go peek at this blog with photies too:

Monday, 4 August 2008

Styrofoam Block Printing

I just recieved this link from Lisa Volraths mailing list and decided to share it with you guys.

Its a great tutorial using step by step photographs which show you how to make brilliant printing plates out of styrofoam!

Looks good and I can imagine making lots of printing presses from doodles!

I think Id better start saving up the styrofoam from the pizza's so I can try this....

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Magazine Stencilling

I mentioned Sarah Whitmire's blog on Art Junkies last week as she has a fantastic Soul Journalling Project going on where you do a little bit of work each day in your journals.

Day 16 of the Soul Journalling Project features a fantastic stencilling technique which is so simple and easy to do that it is inspired! Just think of how many cool looking stencils and masks you can create doing this brilliant technique!

Peeky Linky:

Risque Women Mini Mica Book Tutorial

I came across this brilliant tutorial on Ink Stain's Blog recently and just HAD to share the link with you all :)

Using little pieces of mica, alcohol inks and collage sheets Roni has created a gorgeous mini book object d'art. Go peek at the tutorial and eye candy below: