Saturday, 2 August 2008

How To Draw A Zentangle Style Mandala

I came across this site while surfing and wanted to share it with you all, Im a bit of a doodle addict and am always looking at doodles and stuff online.

Zentangles is a form of doodling which Ive only tried very briefly and enjoyed but not fully embraced - I keep promising myself I'll go back to them 'one day' - and so far that one day hasnt arrived - go figure!

Anyway the link Im sharing with you is a cool site with a video for you to watch on how to draw these brilliant Mandala's in the style of Zentangle's 0r a 'Zendala' as they are called. The video is brilliant because you can see the design taking shape before your very eyes - its played at high speed to it looks as if the artists is drawing on acid! See it below:

For the Zentangle Virgins who have yet to venture into the world of Zentangle Art heres some links for you to peruse:

The Official Zentangle Home Page:

Zentangle Galleries:

Zentangle Images On Flickr Group:

Zentangles On Google Images:

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