Wednesday, 1 October 2008

More Blog Goodies

Lisa's Altered Arts $1 Collage Sheet:
Check this page every Wednesday for a fantastic Digital Collage Sheet for only $1! The sheet changes every Wednesday so check back often. Im a huge fan of these wonderful image sheets and have tons of them!

My Crafty Life has a a couple of great video tutorials on using water to stamp with and distress inks to make backgrounds, go peek at them below:

Free Wizard of Oz Collage Sheets from Jack and Cat Curio Blog:

Do you know of any good ART Challenge blogs? I want to compile a list of links of all the challenge blogs and sites out there. So I am relying upon YOU peeps to send me the links so I can make ze lists! Email me or leave a message on my blog and I'll add the challenges to the list.

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Lisa said...

Hi Trish. I just want to start by saying I love all your blogs and zines....I have been working on your board book and it has been so inspiring. I love the pages I've made...thanks to your help. Your directions are amazing.

So as for challenge blogs...I have a whole bunch bookmarked on my other computer and I'm trying to get stuff saved on my laptop now. Here is my first bookmarked challenge site.
Good luck in your quest for good challenges. I will be checking back to see what came up.