Friday, 2 October 2009

Future Challenges Postponed Indefinitely

Due to constant ill health I have decided it is best to postpone all challenges on this blog and my other blogs until further notice.

I had hoped rather optimistically that I would be able to overcome health issues and be able to be back in the thick of things running challenges and posting new techniques and ideas but my mind and body have other ideas!

One day when my health is in a better state I may be able to return to doing all of that but for the time being I am postponing all challenges etc until further notice.

I will continue to make artwork in my spare time and occasionally upload what Ive done to my flickr gallery and my main blog but that is all I can commit to at this present moment in time.

Apologies to everyone in advance for any dissapointment caused with this decision. I wish I had half the energy I had 4 years ago but sadly I havent anymore.


Vianna said...

I hope you'll get well soon and be able to enjoy creating again and sharing with us. Life is an ongoing cycle of ups and downs ... but we must remain hopeful and find beauty in every day. Best wishes,

Evelyn S. said...

Sorry to hear that your health continues to make life difficult for you! I will wish the best for you to improve.

Donna said...

get well soon :(

Angela said...

no prob Trish...your health and well-being is more important ! :) take care